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Below are some steps for exploring and declaring majors.  Remember to include your Academic Success Coordinator (ASC) in your exploration process. Undeclared Student Advising support is available at 970-491-7095 and in the "Contact Us" area.


Start to catalog or inventory important information about yourself – your interests, abilities, values – before you begin exploration so you can really focus your attention on areas that will complement you.  It does not help you to pursue a major that does not suit your skills or interests, so please be honest with yourself throughout this process.

Remember, you want to find a major that you like learning about, that suits your skills and abilities, and that you will be successful in.


Gather information about the majors and opportunities available at CSU.  It’s hard to explore if you don’t know what is available to you.  These resources will offer you information about the hundreds of options available to you.


Based on what you now know about yourself and the options available, narrow down choices to begin a more extensive search.  It’s impossible to do thorough research on every major on campus, so try to narrow it down to 5 or 6 options. 


Actively seek information about majors of interest to you.  This is a process that will take quite a bit of time to properly research.  By the end of the process, you should have a good feel for what the discipline involves, the classes required for the major, the professors within the department, and the opportunities after graduation.   


Based on your research, make a tentative decision.  Try it out for a few weeks and tell people about your decision.  How does it feel?  What kind of responses do you get from others and from yourself?  Be honest – can you see yourself sharing this information with others on a regular basis?


Go to the department and fill out a change of major form.   Some departments will require you to meet with an advisor in order to declare your major, while others will allow you to complete the paperwork on the spot.  Find out where your academic department resides and go visit the main office.

If the major has controls or prerequisites, make sure to consult your Undeclared ASC to make sure you qualify for declaring the major.  Some of these majors include: art, business, computer science, construction management, engineering, political science, hospitality industry, and technical journalism.


Make sure you’re satisfied with your decision and you are successful in the major. 

  • How does your major feel to you?
  • Do you enjoy what you are doing in college?
  • Do you enjoy your courses and professors?
  • Are you earning the grades you expect or desire?
  • Are you looking forward to pursuing internships?
  • If you are not satisfied then ask yourself with what in particular you feel uncomfortable. If you do not like what you are doing or your major courses, or if you are not motivated, talk to your advisor about your misgivings.