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Academic Support

Academics are the reason you attend college, and we expect success.  But sometimes things don’t always go as planned. For example, you’ll find that academics at the college level are much different than at the high school level.  Below you will find links that can help you enhance your study skills, familiarize yourself with policies related to adding and dropping courses, explore majors, and registration.


 Learning Styles

  • How do you learn best? Take this quiz to determine the method of learning you prefer and how you can maximize your study efforts...

Study Skills

  • You’ll find a library of study skills suggestions and resources here.

Academic Advancement Center

  • Tutoring, mentoring, study skills, and other valuable resources for eligible students.

Tutoring at CSU

  • In the TILT building, tutoring is available to anyone enrolled in any of the courses listed on their website.

Academic & Study Skills Workshops

  • Offered several times a week through TILT, these workshops touch on subjects like test-taking, memory and concentration, and more.

Ohio University’s Study Tips

  • offers info on note-taking, studying for tests, memory, and concentration. 









 Registrar’s Office

  • This office contains information on all things academic, important dates to registration to graduation.

Withdrawal information

  • Sometimes you need to lighten your course load after the first few weeks of the semester. It’s always a good idea to check with your professor and advisor if you have questions about your courses.

GPA calculator - attain your Target GPA

  • Want to know how many As and Bs it will take to bring your GPA up to the GPA you want? Use this tool to help you find out.  Please note that these calculations are estimated projections.

“What if” calculator - GPA predictor

  • Input your current standing and the grades you expect in this semester’s courses to see what GPA you should have at the end of the semester.


  • RAMweb is not just for course registration; there are lots of very useful tools here, including access to transcripts and degree audit reports.


  • If you need to repeat a course, you might consider filing for Repeat/Delete.

General Catalog

  • This explains policy, majors, and course descriptions.

Fresh Start

  • To be eligible for Fresh Start, students must not have been admitted at CSU as a regular student for at least 2 years.


  • If a student cannot complete a course, sometimes an Incomplete can be an option. Students must work with their professors to see if this is an option. 


 Undeclared Leadership Council

  • Your representation to the student government. Get involved to help make positive changes with undeclared students.

Undeclared Technology Resource Center

  • Student fees paid by Undeclared students help fund technology resources (laptop checkout) and free printing for current Undeclared students.