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Major Tracks

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Review majors with entrance requirements. Includes planning tips for transfer students. 

Explore minors that might bolster your field of study.


Explore Possibilities:

If you like the idea of Biomedical Sciences and health fields, we encourage you to view the many majors in the Health, Life and Food Science or Land, Plant and Animal major track. Talk with your advisor about the best fit for you.

 Next Steps:

Students who meet the criteria below are eligible for the major’s waitlist. The department of Biomedical Sciences will determine space availability and admit students to the major based on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • (1) 3.3 cumulative CSU GPA.
  • (2) Grades of B or better in both:
    • (a) LIFE102 (College Biology) and
    • (b) CHEM111 (General Chemistry)
  • Students should plan on completing these requirements before completing 60 total credits.
  • Effective Fall 2020, Biomedical Sciences will offer 3 concentrations:  Environmental and Public Health concentration, Anatomy and Physiology concentration, Microbiology and Infectious Disease concentration.   All 3 concentrations will require meeting the admission requirements to the Biomedical Science major.

If students meet all of these requirements, the student must email the Biomedical Sciences advising staff to gain a spot on the wait list. Ask your Undeclared ASC for advisor contact information.

Tip for prospective transfer students:  This is a capped major which always fills quickly. Earning B’s in College Biology (LIFE 102), College Chemistry (CHEM111/112), with a transfer GPA of 3.3 will make you eligible for the major/waitlist. It is good to have another plan in case you do not make it off the waitlist. Consider choosing an alternative major, such as Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Neuroscience and combining it with a Biomedical Science minor. Students must be admitted prior to earning 60 credits from all institutions.

Not available to 2nd BS students.