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Course Selection

Although it is written off as a simple process, course selection involves much more than choosing classes and getting the proper codes to line up a semester schedule. 

Making an Advising Appointment – Academic Success Coordinators (ASCs) provide professional support and work with you to incorporate your goals, interests, and abilities into a semester schedule.  Ready to make an appointment?  Visit RAMweb to view your ASC’s name and contact information.

Semester Planning – This planner offers suggestions for the best time to meet with an academic success coordinator and how to continue pursuing your interests throughout the semester.

Preparing for Advising Appointment – Advising appointments are most effective when you prepare beforehand and come with the materials you need.  Click on prepare for your appointment to view a check list for your next appointment.

Academic Advising Overview - Create a strong advisor/advisee relationship by reading up on roles and responsibilities for you and your academic support coordinator.  You can create an effective partnership if you know what is expected of you and what you can expect from your ASC. 

Advising Codes/Holds – Placed on records of certain students, codes/holds require you to meet with an ASC before you can register.  Check RAMweb for details on your holds and how you can get them removed. 

Registration Access – On your RAMweb account you can view when you can begin registration.  Look for the “Registration Access Time” under Registration on RAMweb.

How to Register – Familiarize yourself with RAMweb registration system and learn how to look up classes, retrieve reference numbers, and register for class.

Personal Preferences – what to consider when selecting courses – Insight on how to make the most of classes (even the required classes).