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August 2017

Welcome (back) to campus!  Much like first-graders getting excited to buy school supplies and new backpacks, your  your Undeclared Student Advising Academic Success Coordinators (ASCs) are eagerly preparing for the upcoming Fall 2017 semester.

New Students for Fall 2017:

RamWelcome College Day is on Friday, August 18.  That morning, you'll have a chance to recommend with your Academic Success Coordinator (ASC) to go over last-minute questions and what you need to know to get through the first week.  You'll also attend a major and career interest session featuring a panel of alumni, current students, and employers in various fields.  Look for more information in your RamWelcome check-in packet.  Don't miss out!

All Undeclared Students:

Do you have questions related to your fall semester?  Undeclared Advising ASCs are available on a walk-in basis from August 14 - August 25.  No appointment is needed (in fact, no appointments taken).  You can request your assigned ASC or see the first available person.  Please call 970-491-7095 to find out your ASC's availability and where to find us (because, we're moving soon.....)

For more information about important dates and deadlines at the university including course add and drop deadlines, click here.

 What is Undeclared Student Advising?

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Meet others in your field

Regina Martel:  Communications Manager

Employer or name of company: National Campus Leadership Council (NCLC)

Position Description

Our organization works with student leaders from around the country who are engaging in higher education issue areas that are directly facing our generation. We research awesome student leaders and then reach out to them to learn about what they are doing on their campus and look for ways to engage them in the national conversation. My job is to get those student stories to the media to empower student voices in these areas. I work to create relationships with reporters at the campus, local, state and national media as well as work in digital communication (social media) to get our message out as well.

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Current CSU Students

Andrew Cox:  Graduation  Fall 2015


Most students who come to CSU as an undeclared student feel pressured to pick a major simply because a lot of students around them already have a major.  In reality, many of these students who have declared a major will end up changing their major several times during the course of their undergraduate studies because they too find that they are still exploring their interests. In a way, undeclared students have more freedom to explore the possibilities and see what truly interests them as opposed to being limited to classes that are required for students who have their major determined already.  By being undeclared, you have officially declared that you are willing to keep an open mind to all the possibilities!

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