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Demetrios GodenitzDemetrios Godenitz

Demetrios is a first-generation graduate influenced by his upbringing in the US/Mexico border town of El Paso, TX. With a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and minor in Education, he has taught primary and secondary students. Focused on engaging students in critical thinking and learning, he went on to earn a master’s in Communication Development at CSU. Demetrios spent several years teaching at CSU and Front Range Community College and was a raft guide during summers. He values the investment in and energy around advising at CSU and has been recognized by his peers by receiving the Academic Advancement Center Staff of the Semester Award, the Administrative Professional Star Award, and the Jack E. Cermak Advising Award. Demetrios helps organize different campus trainings on advising and has also presented with colleagues at local, regional, and national advising conferences. As an advisor Demetrios loves the opportunity to meet students, learn more about who they are, and explore all the possibilities for fields of study and engaging in life!


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