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February 2019

It's time.....

To explore majors:  If you're Undeclared and need some help identifying your options and making decisions, please call 970-491-7095 to set up an exploring majors appointment.  While you're at it, prepare for that exploration conversation.  How to prepare? There are so many ways....

To approach learning in new ways:  If you're looking for new learning strategies, time management tips, or want to connect to some of CSU's resources, reach out to your Undeclared Advising ASC.  You can schedule an appointment to reflect on previous semesters and create action plans for moving forward.



February 6: Registration closes for most courses.  Course drop deadline.

Planning ahead? The Preliminary Summer Session 2019 class schedule is available for preview at Courses at a Glance and in RAMweb.

For more information about important dates and deadlines at the university, click here.



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