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Fall 2020

In support of social distancing guidance and to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our community members during the COVID-19 public health crisis, Undeclared Student Advising is proud to remain a steadfast source of support for undeclared students by offering remote advising services. We offer remote advising services because:

- We believe that our best advising is done when both parties (ASC and student) feel safe and comfortable.
- We believe that our best advising is done when both parties can connect authentically, unhindered by a mask or face shield.
- We believe we can offer more flexibility to suit students' changing needs.
- We believe we can get to know students better when we aren't worried about sanitizing everything.

Consider our mission statement as our commitment to you and your academic journey.

Connect with your Undeclared Academic Success Coordinator

Current Undeclared students:  30-minute appointments with the option for video chat are available for your spring 2021 semester planning. We can't wait to connect one-on-one with you soon.  Schedule online with your ASC. 

Not currently an Undeclared student? Need to change out of a major and into Undeclared?  Call 970-491-7095 to schedule an appointment.


- November 16:  Class schedule available (and considered "final") on RAMweb.

- November 17:  Registration begins for athletes, Honors, grad students, 2nd bachelor's students

- November 18:  Registration begins for seniors.

- November 19:  Registration begins for juniors.

- November 30:  Registration begins for sophomores.

- December 2:  Registration begins for freshmen.

- December 7:  Registration begins for new, spring-start students


Important registration deadlines are outlined here.

 What is Undeclared Student Advising?

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