News & Events April 2015

Between the plethora of cultural celebrations, end-of-the-year campus events, and warmer temperatures, staying focused on academics in April can be a challenge.  Doing well this spring semester will require good time management strategies as the semester comes to a close.  Be sure to consult the online time management and study skills resources offered through TILT Learning Programs or attend a academic skills workshop.

April also marks the month in which Fall 2015 registration opens.  Summer 2015 registration is currently active.  Be sure to schedule your advising appointment for fall registration soon.

Important dates:

Fall Registration Access:

Seniors:  April 7-19

Juniors:  April 10-16

Sophomores: April 17-23

Continuing Freshmen:  April 24-30

New students (new freshmen and transfer):  May 4 (orientation required)

CSU Important Dates for Spring 2015 can be found here.



Welcome to Advising for Undeclared Exploring Students


We work with students who are:

  • Exploring Majors
  • Seeking admissions to a competitive major with entrance requirements

How We Help Students

Mission, Values and Student Learning Outcomes

Advisors/Academic Support coordinators facilitate students’ academic and career success by providing programs and services that engage students in exploring and committing to educational and career goals, developing and implementing meaningful academic plans, transitioning into majors and minors, and translating learning to the world of work.


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