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News & Events Fall 2014

First exams are occurring in many classes.  Did you rock those tests and papers?  If so, good for you!

Did your first exam leave you with feelings of surprise?  disappointment?  resolve to do better next time?

Make sure you check in with your CASA Academic Support Coordinator (ASC) about any questions you have and to discuss your academic plans, goals, and ideas.  ASCs have a wealth of knowledge to share related to academic success strategies and resources on campus. To make an appointment, call 970-491-7095

Important dates:

Sept. 23-24 - Career Fairs:  It's never too early to start exploring and networking.  Check out the Career Center website and mobile ap to be informed before you go. 

Sept. 30-Oct. 13 - Early Performance Feedback:  Professors are dishing out info about your early progress in classes.  Speak with your RA and CASA ASC about your concerns and questions.

Oct. 14 - U-Turn: If you want to improve your academic skills, this one-stop shop event is for you. 

Oct. 20 - Course Withdrawal deadline and Repeat/Delete form deadline

CSU Important Dates for Fall can be found here.



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