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April 2019

Actively Engaged in Academic Planning

Summer registration is open!  If you are considering taking a summer class - either at CSU or another institution  - please consult with your Academic Success Coordinator for planning. 

Fall course planning and registration:  Fall registration opens April 8 for specific populations, with most current first-year students registering in the last week of April or first week of May.  Please call 970-491-7095 to schedule an advising appointment with your Undeclared ASC today (then, write it down in your planner or put it in your phone)

You can prepare for our appointment by writing down:



March 26: Registration opens for Summer Session 2019.  Class schedule is available in RAMweb.

April 8:  Fall 2019 Registration opens (specific populations).  You can find out your assigned Fall 2019 registration date on RAMweb.

For more information about important dates and deadlines at the university, click here.



 What is Undeclared Student Advising?

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