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Major Tracks

 Click on Major Tracks to read major overviews and potential occupations.

Review majors with entrance requirements. Includes planning tips for transfer students. 

Explore minors that might bolster your field of study.

A number of majors at CSU have specific entrance requirements. Our professional advising team will support you as you explore and develop your educational plan.

As an undeclared student, the Undeclared Advising Team is your point of contact and support.

  Bio BusinesComputer SciConstruction EducationEngineering Human DevelopmentEngineering

Some majors require that students go through a portfolio review or audition in order to progress to the second year in the major. These majors typically only accept a selected number of students. The portfolio review or audition is a chance for students to showcase their talent and skills in the academic area. Below is a list of the majors with specific requirements for progression into the second year.

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