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Communications Manager

Regina Martel


Employer or name of company:

National Campus Leadership Council (NCLC)


What does this person do?

Position Description:

Our organization works with student leaders from around the country who are engaging in higher education issue areas that are directly facing our generation. We research awesome student leaders and then reach out to them to learn about what they are doing on their campus and look for ways to engage them in the national conversation. My job is to get those student stories to the media to empower student voices in these areas. I work to create relationships with reporters at the campus, local, state and national media as well as work in digital communication (social media) to get our message out as well.


Career Influence:

During my time at Colorado State, I found my passions for higher education during my involvement in student government. Student government gave me an inside look into the issues currently facing our higher education system and with the goal of improving access to higher education for more folks.  


How They Got There.

Undergraduate Degree

Double Major: Communications and Political Science

Favorite Class: State and Local Politics or public policy.


College to Career Description:

After graduating, I worked for a year at in the Department of External Relations at CSU where I was a member of the social media team. I found that communications, particularly in digital strategy, were a powerful vehicle for moving a message. After my year in External Relations I applied for the Communications Manager position at NCLC. NCLC was an organization that I worked with during my time as student body president in student government. The position made sense because it allowed me to develop my communications skills as well as provide me the opportunity to work in higher education and in student development.


Ups and Downs.

Minus: Because our organization is new, we work a lot of hours during the day and they mostly revolve around student’s schedules, which can be unpredictable.


Plus: An incredible perk of working here, is that I work with people who are passionate about issues that are facing millennials. The students that we work with want to make a difference, which is something that makes the long hours that we work, worth it.



The best way to find out what you like is to always try new things and make mistakes. Challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone and be involved all over campus. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and use those experiences to learn about and better yourself.

The support system at CSU is one of the best out there. Use the resources that are available to you to grow personally, academically and professionally. Find your niche on campus, and build your community around people who support you, challenge you, and share the same passions that you do. And of course – Have fun, and GO RAMS!