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Andrew Cox

Graduation – Fall 2015


The Beginning

When I first arrived on campus, I wanted to major in Natural Resources Management.  I always had a fascination with the outdoors, particularly in mountain areas like those found here in Colorado. I thought my love of the outdoors would translate into a career with a Natural Resource Management major.  


Advice for undeclared students:

Most students who come to CSU as an undeclared student feel pressured to pick a major simply because a lot of students around them already have a major.  In reality, many of these students who have declared a major will end up changing their major several times during the course of their undergraduate studies because they too find that they are still exploring their interests. In a way, undeclared students have more freedom to explore the possibilities and see what truly interests them as opposed to being limited to classes that are required for students who have their major determined already.  By being undeclared, you have officially declared that you are willing to keep an open mind to all the possibilities!


If I could offer one word of advice, it would be this: Relax.  Determining a major does NOT pre-determine the entirety of your future. If you can think, really think about what it is that interests you most, you’ll find a way to make it happen, and picking a major will come naturally. 


Finding your major

Three people helped to direct my passions towards a suitable major, and eventually set me off on my potential career path.  My parents both patiently answered every question I threw at them, and my advisor helped weave through all the possible majors with patience and understanding.


Turning Point: Difficult science classes were unappealing when I first came to CSU. I went to great lengths to find a major that didn’t incorporate a large amount of intense science classes.  After struggling with this approach, I decided to reverse my thinking. I listened to my heart and the guidance of those around me who supported my academic progress, and eventually found a major that perfectly fit my interests. Once I found what I was passionate about, I was surprised how easily the science classes that I once thought to be arduous came rather easily to me. 


My Major: Being an HES student allows me to investigate the in-depth processes involved in the various mechanical, metabolic and biological systems found in humans.  Hands-on interactions and personalized learning environments are in abundance in my major.  I love it!

Best thing about your major: Having the chance to conduct my own research as part of the curriculum was an extremely rewarding experience!


Favorite Professor, advisor, staff member: My general chemistry teacher, Lisa Dysleski. My advisor, Demetrios Godenitz.  He has always gone out of his way to ensure the success of his students, bringing out the best in everyone through his unlimited charm and charisma.  I consider myself lucky to have him as an academic advisor and lifelong friend. 


Most rewarding class: Moral and Social Problems


Outside the classroom

Clubs and organizations: I am a member of the CSU Men’s Club Soccer team. I also participated in RemWelcome, a program that helps incoming freshmen make a smooth transition to college life, and CSU Alternative Spring Break, an out-of-state volunteer based program that allows students to give their time to those in need. 


Research: I am currently working as an undergraduate research assistant in the Multiple Sclerosis Physical Activity (MSPA) lab headed by Dr. Thorsten Rudroff in the Health and Exercise Science Department. 


Career interests/plans: I am looking to take a year off and then go to medical school after I graduate from CSU.  I hope to earn an M.D. in Pediatrics. 


Recommended Resources: