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Exploring Majors - Student Activities

This site contains some activities and information that can help you to explore your major options and to learn more about how they fit with your interests, values, abilities, etc.  This site won't choose a major for you. It is important that you work with your academic success coordinator (ASC) throughout this process.


Why Are You Undecided?

Let's Talk About Interests

What Subjects Do You Enjoy?

What Do You Value As Important?

What Skills Do You Have?

*created by D. Spight, Academic Advisor, Center for Advising and Student Achievement (2002)

MAJOR ASSESSMENT ACTIVITIES - this assessment surveys grades and personal preferences and then generates a list of college majors a student may want to consider. 

Create Your Story

Eliminating Majors Exercise - Undeclared Student Advisors can share the "Exploring Major Tracks" page that lists majors at CSU by larger interests. With this list you can cross out majors that are not of interest to you as a progress step to narrowing your options.



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