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Who are Undeclared students?

Undeclared students are those who have not yet declared a major at the university.  There are many reasons students are undeclared / open option.  Some students do not feel as though they have enough information about the academic programs to make a decision, others do not know their own strengths and limitations, and others simply can’t choose between different options.

Who advises Undeclared students?

Whatever the reason students have for not declaring a major,  Undeclared  students receive academic advising from a professional advisor in the Center for Advising and Student Achievement.   With their advisor, students will explore their own interests, skills, and values, learn about academic programs at the university, and develop a plan for exploration.

When do you have to declare a major?
Explore and Decide by 45!!!!

While it can be important to explore majors it is equally important to declare a major by 45 credits.  By the time a student has reached 45 credits they have met their All University Core Curriculum requirements (AUCC) and need to be taking required courses in their major.  In order to graduate on time, you must declare a major by 45 credits.  This is typically half-way through your second year. 
Declaring your major by 45 credits will help you progress toward graduation and have more purpose in taking classes.  In addition, there are some classes that can not be taken unless you have declared the major.