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There are different types of “withdrawals” a student may do.  Listed below are examples for each type.  Please pay special attention to the various descriptions to ensure you are using the correct process to best meet your academic needs.

  • Registration Cancelation -  To cancel the entire class schedule for a term, a student must log in to Ramweb and drop classes prior to the first day of classes.
  • Drop an individual course – This does not apply to dropping ALL courses.  Students may drop a course within the course’s drop period, which is noted in the University Class Schedule in Ramweb and typically occurs only near the beginning of the semester.
  •  Withdraw from a Course – Students can withdraw from a course on RAMweb until the 8th week of the semester (except where otherwise noted).  A “W” will appear as the grade on the student’s transcript, which does not factor into the GPA.  
  •  University Withdrawal –University Withdrawal refers to a student withdrawing from all classes for a given term, starting the first day of the term and on or before the last day of classes (before Final Exams week).
  • Called to Active Military Duty – Any student reservist called to active military duty.  A University Withdrawal may need to be completed depending on length of duty.  Contact the Adult Learner and Veteran Services office for details and support.  Phone: 970-491-3977.
  • Retroactive Withdrawal – Students may be given the opportunity to request a retroactive withdrawal (withdrawal from a previous semester) when the student could neither function normally during the academic period nor be reasonably expected to complete a university withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances such as an incident leading to major physical or mental trauma.  Students must meet with their assigned academic support coordinator or advisor to determine eligibility and submit a request.